Each disposal well facility has a unique set of challenges based on its specific combination of surface equipment design, well design, geology, and fluid compatibility issues as a result of the variable types and quantities of wastewater that are brought into the facility.  

However, all disposal wells share four common operational objectives:

  1. Maximize the volume that the facility can process and that can be injected into the well every day

  2. Recover as much skim oil as possible

  3. Minimize damage and maximize the potential capacity of the reservoir

  4. Minimize OpEx and R&M costs on the surface

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The world of oil and gas is dominated by physical assets. The industry is built on countless miles of pipe and millions of pumps, valves, and gauges.

“There is an awful lot of legacy infrastructure out there,” says Reynolds, “but that doesn’t mean you have to rely on legacy thinking.” The IoT is really about rethinking your work processes and transforming the operational experience.

- Low Oil Prices Prime Oil And Gas Industry For IoT Adoption, Forbes.



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