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HydroLyft is a unique colloidal gas aphron (CGA) fluid system that produces an extremely stable microspheres with the rheological properties of drilling mud, but without any bentonite, lost-circulation, or other suspended solids.  

Properties of the low-density, HydroLyft Fluid

  • Moderate PV for easy pumping

  • High yield point for increased cuttings/debris suspension under low AV’s 

  • High gel strength for cuttings suspension under static/no-flow conditions

  • Strong filtration properties that prevent exposure of the formation to undesired fluid on the reservoir facilitating rapid clean up and immediate return to production sales   


Multi-faceted Fluid System for Production & Completions

  • The only on-the-fly CGA (colloidal gas aphron)fluid system on the market

  • Prevents putting unnecessary or undesirable fluid on the reservoir

  • Place your remediation chemicals directly where you want them

  • Great fluid system carrying capacity and stability

  • Economical alternative to Nitrogen and LCM

Massive amounts of sludge and debris collected on surface during a Haynesville job