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OpsViewer is a SaaS that brings the latest IoT technologies to post-fraccompletions by aggregating real-time data from all vendors into a single collaborative workspace to graph, trend, and analyze live job decisions and procedure design.  This unique proactive approach to completions optimization provides cost and time savings to operators and service companies alike. Permissioned users can view all of the job data through a single website from any internet-enabled device.  Both simple and complex analyses can be performed to make data-driven decisions to optimize performance, increase efficiency, and compare well-to-well key performance indicators.

  • Prevent issues by tracking job stats from all vendors concurrently, monitor progress and have the information at your fingertips for troubleshooting

  • Web-access means you are always up to date with what’s happening on location from anywhere on any device

  • Multi-vendor workbook entries give OpsViewer users a complete picture of all jobsite activity
    Improves jobsite communications and information sharing between vendors

  • Real-time analysis of the job compared to the modeled procedure allows users to compare the actual performance and costs with your pre-job goals and expectations

  • Proactively identify potential equipment or tool failure issues

Contact us for a demo and see how OpsViewer can improve your bottom line 1-866-290-5029.

  • Real-time & Web-based

  • View workbook entries for any vendor with OpsViewer on location

  • Multi-axis graphing of all parameters that can be trended, tracked, analyzed & compared

  • Email, print & export charts and/or data files

  • Procedure modeling for job cost and time estimating 

  • Downloadable post job analysis with data trends & statistical summaries