With over a hundred customers and data from thousands of wells, Emerald Surf Sciences brings consistency and dependability to every completions job.  Emerald Surf Sciences uses industry leading technology to optimize Coil Tubing & Workover Rig Drillouts.


  • Utilizing metered delivery systems to optimize chemical dosing and alleviate overdosing and wasteful spend on chemicals       

    • Reducing Overall Chemical usage up to 90%  

  • Reducing the Customers Risk by as much as 90%

    • Utilizing the fluid to move debris out of the well alleviating the bit being used to pull debris from the wellbore

  • Consistently reducing Trip in to Bump up Time and overall cost by 60%


Experience improved productivity, reduced operational risks & open lines of communication on location through data-enabled workflow.


All Emerald Surf Sciences delivery systems are equipped with the latest wireless technology giving you immediate access to pump rates, chemical usage and have the ability to connect with any other service on location.

Learn how OpsViewer can work for you.


Data Driven Downhole (D3) is a thru-tubing milling and fishing tool company that provides the bottom-hole-assembly (BHA) for completions, production, and other workover-rig or coiled-tubing unit well interventions.  D3 differentiates itself from other downhole tooling companies by employing the data-driven decision making process to assess tool performance and application which eliminates the industry-standard dependency of the empirical knowledge of a single tool-hand to run a job.   


Specialty tool and chemistry options are available for coil, workover and post frac completion, remediation and disposal. 

  • FRCS (ChemAdd) Units go far beyond the traditional mixing/ blend plant

  • Precision dosing pumps provide 100% homogenized fluid blends in seconds

Examples of Data Enabled Devices:

  • Flow meter to measure pump rate

  • Discharge pressure of fluid coming out of unit

  • Chem add pumps for direct inject chemical dosing

  • HPT’s to measure pumping and wellhead pressure

  • Acoustic monitor for debris indication

Data packages may vary. 


Our People Represent the Best in the Industry. From mud-man to full scale units, our team will assess, design and implement the solution you need. 

  • ESS provides an experienced engineering support team that specializes in completions operations

  • Offer support for procedural evaluation and data analysis both during an post job

  • Provide support with OpsViewer and dashboard manipulation to provide customer with a customized experience

  • The engineering team is in daily contact with field personnel to stay up to date with operations

Multiple damage mechanisms require blended solutions that conventional treatments may not address. Evaluation of the damage mechanism in your well is the key to implementing a successful solution. We offer products ranging from common acids to blended and precision dosed blends based on careful evaluation. Learn More about the Trojan Series of Production and Remediation Solutions

Low Bottom-hole Pressure Completions and Production Remediation Interventions


Wastewater treatment options are available for production, flow back as well as salt water disposal wells.


Each disposal well facility has a unique set of challenges based on its specific combination of surface equipment design, well design, geology, and fluid compatibility issues as a result of the variable types and quantities of wastewater that are brought into the facility.  

However, all disposal wells share four common operational objectives:

  1. Maximize the volume that the facility can process and that can be injected into the well every day

  2. Recover as much skim oil as possible

  3. Minimize damage and maximize the potential capacity of the reservoir

  4. Minimize OpEx and R&M costs on the surface

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